Sunday, January 15, 2017

So much beauty ... so little ...

So much beauty, so much tragedy, so much nonsense …what shall we make of it all?

From CNN - Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago

Lake Louise in Canada:
My own picture taken in Bali in 2016:

And another  one of LA (Lower Alabama) coast at sunset:

I have been so fortunate to see so much natural beauty in so many different places.

Then I think about the beautiful people I have known – especially my children and grandchildren and their spouses. So many acts of kindness and understanding I have witnessed through them – makes me want to be  more kind and understanding.

I need to have these thoughts of beauty when I think about so many tragedies in so many places, from Aleppo to Haiti and too many other places to mention, many of which are closer to home. Natural tragedies such as hurricanes and earthquakes are beyond our control, but many tragedies are within our spheres of influence, yet they continue to occur, in my own country and elsewhere around the world.

Like Lawrence Ferlinghetti, I am waiting (see – seems it has been a long time coming … and a lot of waiting for that rebirth of wonder … seems we may have to wait another 4 or 8 years or more … but we should do more than wait. Hope is not enough, either. What can one do? One can find another and create a small place in which wonder can be reborn. Or maybe it takes more than two?

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